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4 Tips to Help You Train Your French Bulldog

4 Tips to Help You Train Your French Bulldog

A French Bulldog is by nature playful, very lively, patient and very bright.  However, you may sometimes find them very annoying and stubborn.  You therefore need to train them on several behavioral aspects of proper living.  The training of an award winning French Bulldog like Emma vom Maegdeberg may revolve around mannerisms such as how to be obedient to your commands, how to poop properly, not to unnecessarily bite people among other proper behavioral aspects of the dog.  Just like children, you also need to foster the behavior you want in your French Bulldog.

Training French Bulldog puppies may not be as easy as training champion toy poodles.  One needs proper tips in order to succeed in doing it.  Some of the tips needed to properly train the French Bulldog are explained below:


It is important to start training you French Bulldog proper behavior when it is still a puppy and before the first moon or immediately after you bring it home.  Do not wait for the dog to learn a behavior you do not like and then start applying corrective measures.  Just like behavioral training given to children which starts when they are born, the same applies to your French Bulldog.  Starting late may make the dog very tough to train.  Dealing with stubborn French Bulldog may not be an easy affair.  So it is advisable that you do not leave it to reach that stage where training it becomes even more difficult.  Here is a video to help with training your puppy.


Your instructions should be very clear and to the point, especially if you got your dog from a rescue.  Give leadership and let your French Bulldog know exactly what you expect as the behavior that is acceptable.  This is done by ensuring you have a strong and commanding voice.  However,to not lose your cool in the process of trying to foster the acceptable behavior.  This means that you should not uncontrollably beat up the dog in case it misses a step.

Where proper behavior is shown by the French Bulldog, give rewards and treats.  This shows the dog what you expect and they can then follow exactly what you want.


It is important to know that the behavior you want may not be trained and manifested the same day.  The training has to be done day after day until it becomes part and parcel of the behavior of your French Bulldog.  Do not give up.  With time,you will start seeing the results of your training.  At the beginning you may not see positive results. Take each step at a time. Train your French Bulldog with understanding as if you are training your young child.


Do not make the training sessions very lengthy.  This makes them very boring and after long toils, no meaningful results may be achieved.  You therefore need to make these sessions as brief as possible.  Find ways to make them interesting as well.  Let the training of your rottweiler start with an exercise for your French Bulldog.  This is to ensure it uses the built up energy.  This makes the training process smooth.