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Ear Infections: A Common Health Issue in Rottweilers

Ear Infections: A Common Health Issue in Rottweilers

Ear infections in dogs can be quite common, especially in Rottweilers. These infections are primarily caused by bacteria, fungus, yeast, and even allergies. Unfortunately for our furry friends, ear infections can be quite painful and irritating, especially if it happens in a puppy.

Breeds that have droopy ears like Rottweiler are more susceptible to ear infections. The infections can affect just the external ear canal, or progress into the middle ear. These infections should never be ignored even if it appears to be a simple case of infection , there are chances of the infection developing into a more serious, even a life-threatening condition.


There are many causes of ear infections in dogs. The most common causes include; ear mites, excessive growth of hair in the ear canal, genetic problems, and entry of foreign objects.

Excessive production of wax can also lead to more moisture which supports growth of bacteria in the ears.

Another cause of dog ear problems is the presence of micro-organisms like yeast and bacteria in the ear canal. These micro-organisms thrive in a dark and moist environment.

An imbalance of sex hormones, thyroid hormones as well as glucocorticoids can cause dog ear infections.

Food allergies are also a major cause of dog ear infections.

Common symptoms of ear infection in dogs:

  • Noticeable buildup of wax.
  • Redness in the canal.
  • Scratching ears.
  • Rubbing ears on the floor.
  • Odor from inside the canal.
  • Irritation inside the ear.
  • Production of a colored discharge.
  • Pain upon touching the dog’s ear.


Once you notice ear-infection in your dog, its advisable to seek treatment before the condition gets worse. Good pet care starts with cleaning the infected parts using cotton balls. Use apple cider vinegar, mineral oil, or any effective cleaning agent for ear cleaning. Regular cleaning of the infected area is essential to avoid ear wax upsurge that could eventually aggravate the condition.

You can as well consider seeking veterinary care as soon as you notice that your dog is infected. The expert will assess the state of the infection and provide the most appropriate treatment. The vet will also provide you with professional tips and advice on how to prevent ear infections in dogs.


The best way to prevent ear infections in dogs is to maintain a high standard of hygiene. Dogs that are well groomed hardly get any infections. Therefore, ensure you regularly groom your canine friend and prevent water from getting trapped inside your dog’s ears as it could trigger an infection.

Dog ear infections can be life-threatening if left untreated. Treating your dog’s ear infections will give you peace of mind.